23 septembre 2009


"Exciting! The word is exciting. To me, when I come back from any country — and I love Paris — but still when I come back, already driving from the airport I already am trembling with excitement!"
via Sophie Harris's love letter to New York.

“Those who didn't understand will never understand”: Whit Stillman’s "The Last Days of Disco"

14 septembre 2009

As a sweet apple reddens

As a sweet apple reddens
on a high branch

at the tip of the topmost bough
The apple-pickers missed it.

No, they didn't miss it:
They couldn't reach it.

- Sappho [Ψάπφω/Σαπφώ], translated by Jim Powell

08 septembre 2009

finance is something too important to entrust to financiers

"When I wanted to produce my first feature-length film, I didn’t have any money. So I was forced to rethink the economic system of production. In the end, it’s something fascinating. It’s generally thought that the economic side of filmmaking is a bloody nuisance for a filmmaker and that it doesn’t correspond to his ‘vocation.’ […] I think that finance is something too important to entrust to financiers."
- Luc Moullet