05 avril 2009

Each work of art is not an act of resistance and yet, in a certain sense, it is.

"What is the relation between the work of art and communication?

None whatsoever. The work of art is not an instrument of communication. The work of art has nothing to do with communication. The work of art strictly does not contain the least bit of information. To the contrary, there is a fundamental affinity between the work of art and the act of resistance. There, yes. It has something to do with information and communication as acts of resistance. What is this mysterious relation between a work of art and an act of resistance when men who resist have neither the time nor sometimes the necessary culture to have the least relation to art? I don't know. Andre Malraux develops a beautiful philosophical concept; he says something very simple about art; he says it is the only thing that resist death. Let's return to where we began: What does one do when one does philosophy? One invents concepts. I think this is the basis of a beautiful philosophical concept. Think -- What resists death? One need only see a statuette from three thousand years before our time to find that Malraux's response is a rather good one. From our point of view, we could then say, rather less elegantly, that art is what resists even if it is not the only thing that resists. Where does such a close relation between the act of resistance and the work of art come from? Each act of resistance is not a work of art while, in a certain sense, it is all the same. Each work of art is not an act of resistance and yet, in a certain sense, it is."

- Having an Idea in Cinema (On the Cinema of Straub-Huillet), Gilles Deleuze

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HarryTuttle a dit…

The "resistance to death" is basically the point Bazin made with the "mummy complex" in his essay on "the ontology of the photographic image". ;)

Sean Foudy a dit…

I first came across that idea of the death resistance purpose of art with an exihibit of work done in the ghettoes, prisons, and concentration camps.