29 février 2008

Free Time

Apologies for the unplanned hiatus, but there's been some major uncertainty in my life of late. I've (temporarily) settled into a busy schedule of not working (which entails heavy amounts of trying to work mixed with bits of actual working). As for where I'll land, it's all unclear, but it's certain to be in the realm of moving pictures in the broader sense. I'm open to suggestions...

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dave a dit…

In the interest of clarity, a brief summary of what I'm really talking about:

I've been producing features for a national cable network for the last few years, cutting all my own stuff on Final Cut Pro. CBS, our parent company, recently integrated our division into their Sports operations, and there was a significant restructuring. Much of my department was let go, me included.

Some notes on TV terminology: a "producer" is the creative storyteller, something like a writer/director in documentary film; a "feature" is a short-form narrative piece (in my case, a 1-3 minute documentary).

I'm currently looking at all sorts of things with an open mind, while freelancing as an FCP editor and doing some writing about film. Given my areas of expertise, it's likely my next step will have something to do with moving pictures, but I'm also quite good with words. We'll see.