02 janvier 2008

Contributions requested (x 2)

Comrades at Kino Fist have announced an open call for papers for their next issue on Film and Fashion:

KINO FIST Call for Contributors

DEADLINE 14th January 2008

KINO FIST will return in the New Year on Sunday 3rd February with a screening of Slava Tsukerman's LIQUID SKY and others at 2pm at the E:VENT Gallery, 96 Teesdale Street
London E2 6PU.

We will be producing a magazine, but this time we are looking for outside contributions in the form of articles, photos and illustrations.

The theme for this issue is Film and Fashion. Pieces on Liquid Sky will be particularly welcome, though broader pieces on the topic will also be considered. Limit: 2000 words.

We can't promise to use all contributions, but we'll do our best. Pieces will also be published on the Kino Fist website. Those contributors who live overseas or can't make the screening will receive a mailed copy of the magazine. We don't have any funds for paying contributors unfortunately, but I'll send you a book or something.

Please send all texts and images to infinitethought[at]hotmail.co.uk.

"I don't believe in kino-eye, I believe in kino-fist." - Sergei Eisenstein


And don't forget that the second (hopefully annual) blogathon on Contemplative Cinema takes place from Jan 6 - Jan 13 at Unspoken Cinema. This year's suggested topic is "Narrative strategies in plotless films," but that's intended only as a loose point of contact for entries.


I would very much like to contribute to each of these, but still don't have any ideas what I could write on. Any suggestions?

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