02 octobre 2007

NYFF: 'Preview'

A preview of posts in the works (New York Film Festival and otherwise):


The Man from London

Secret Sunshine*

Stellet Licht*

* pending my ability to get a ticket. If you've got one you can offer me - especially for Tuesday's show of Secret Sunshine - please let me know.
Update: Ticket concerns resolved for Secret Sunshine.

other posts in the pipeline:

No Quarto da Vanda

Where Does your Hidden Smile Lie

Hannah Takes the Stairs

Yugoslavian Black Wave:
The End of the World Is Coming

Yugoslavian Black Wave:
Early Works
Black Film

Honor de Cavalleria


The Birds

400 Blows

Antoine et Colette

I would love to be writing about more films, and to catch up on the backlog, but my current job is not writing about movies (If you've got one you can offer me - please let me know). Over the next few days I'm busy with Festival screenings, and then I'm off the San Francisco for a week. So blogging may be light here for a while, but I'll try to get my NYFF coverage up soon, at the very least. As for the rest, leave a comment if you'd like to see any particular posts first - I'll take your votes into consideration when I sit down to write.

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