29 mai 2007


My memory for events, for the pieces of my life that I've lived through, is fragmentary. I attach myself to moments, replaying them to relive them. They differ from the moments of cinema, which can be replayed the same way each time, infinitely revisitable, the same yet each time unique. The cinema is memory as I'd prefer it to be, life as I'd prefer it to be - full of the possibility of living in a moment again.

* Inspired by Girish's post The Cinema In Your Head

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Anonyme a dit…

Some films really make me remember a certain feeling or a moment in time of importence for me. Before Sunset is such a film. It's like wearing perfume you only had on during a certain time period, then wearing it again a long time later it perfectly recaptures a mood, an emotion, a feeling from that previous time that can't really be articulated.